User manual – cat urine remover

How it works

Easy-to-use cat urine remover

PI-Solve only needs to be shaken briefly before use. First check the colour fastness on an inconspicuous spot. Then dab up the soiling with kitchen paper or a dry cloth.

Spray kattenurine verwijderaar op de vlek

Step 1

Spray directly on stain

kattenurine verwijderaar in laten trekken

Step 2

Let set for 2 hours

Boen op de kattenurine verwijderaar

Step 3

Scrub the stain

Boen op de kattenurine verwijderaar

Step 4

Clean with a damp cloth

Floor covering, mattress or furniture:

Spray the area to be treated liberally with PI-Solve. Spray generously over the visible wet or dirty spot. A urine stain is often many times larger than visible on the surface of a piece of furniture, mattress or carpet. You should therefore apply PI-Solve generously around the soiling.

The enzymes need time to do their breakdown work, let PI-Solve dry. Drying can take several hours to a day. In case of severe soiling, you can cover the injected spot with a cloth wetted with PI-Solve clean to prevent quick drying.

After drying, rinse the spot with clean water and pat dry with kitchen paper or a towel. If you have a ‘wet-dry hoover’, its use is recommended.

If necessary, repeat the treatment.

Textiles and clothing

Spray the soiling generously with PI-Solve, allow the agent to take effect for at least two hours. After the soaking time, you can wash the treated garment or textile in the washing machine. We recommend using a wash programme that is not too hot, maximum 60 degrees.

Do not use PI-Solve in combination with other detergents. A spot previously treated with a regular detergent is harder to get clean.

Pi-Solve is a sustainable cat urine remover

Our aim is that our products do not harm the environment. All the packaging used for PI-Solve is made of 100% responsibly recycled material. We also kindly ask you not to throw away the empty packaging with the residual waste but to dispose of it so that it can be reused.