Kattenurine verwijderen

And…the smell is gone!

PI-Solve is the urine remover guaranteed to remove odour and stains. Moreover, PI-Sove helps prevent your cat from urinating again in the cleaned area. PI-Solve is composed of biological enzymes that break down urine. The added citrus scent helps prevent your cat from revisiting the cleaned area to urinate there.​

PI-Solve is easy to use and can be used on wood and laminate floors. Moreover, PI-Solve is safe for all your textiles and suede.

  • Guaranteed to remove odour and stains
  • Helps prevent the cleaned area from being soiled again
  • Suitable for dogs, cats and rodent urine
  • Removes blood, urine and faeces residue from dogs, cats and rodents
  • Buy it at pet shops